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Sweat Together, Stay Together

Coupleness is all about things that couples can do to strengthen their relationship. Just like there are things you do to tend to your individual physical and mental health, there are things you can do to tend to your relationship. We’ve taken things up a notch and found one thing that can do all three! The activity that’s truly a three-for-one effort? Being active together.

Coupleness loves bringing couples together for Active Love - check out the padel event we had with some of Sweden's most beloved couples!

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What does being “active” mean?

If you saw the title “sweat together” and got nervous because the last time you went to the gym was in 2007, or one of you is super fit and the other one isn’t, don’t worry - being active can mean all kinds of things. You can start a gym routine together or do workout videos; join a local soccer, kickball or other sport league; take dance classes; go for evening walks; race each other around the block; go for bike rides - whatever sounds fun (or not too painful) to you! Try to choose something that involves setting goals, and can get your heart pumping.


Six reasons why being active together is good for your relationship

We already know that being physically active is good for your physical health, and lots of research shows how physical activity supports our mental health as well. But more recently, research is showing that doing physical activity as a couple can have great benefits for your relationship.


  1. Being active together means you’re spending quality time together when your busy days might otherwise prevent that - so if nothing else comes from this, at least you’re together!

  2. Working out makes you happy, so you can be happy together. Being active increases our endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline - all of which are associated with feeling happy.

  3. Sticking to a routine together helps you support each other and be accountable. If one of you would rather be a couch potato one day, the other can (lovingly) motivate them to stick to the plan. You learn to uplift each other and show up for each other.

  4. Physical activity brings the same physical results as arousal (shortness of breath, sweat, fast heartbeat, etc.), so being active together can bring out those romantic feelings and increase your attraction to each other.

  5. Having your partner with you can improve your workouts and motivate you to reach your goals. Knowing someone is watching you can make you work that much harder, and having your partner’s support can give you the boost you need to go the extra mile (literally).

  6. Being active together can bring you closer together, increasing your intimacy and emotional connection. You might need to be in sync with each other during the activity, and sharing a goal can unite you in a unique way.