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Ideas for shaking things up in your relationship

Trying new things together can bring passion and excitement to your relationship. We know that the initial spark won't last forever, but there are things we can do to shake things up and keep learning about each other - which leads to that passion we crave. Keep reading for our ideas for new things to do together.

Being active together

  • Start a gym routine

  • Do workout videos

  • Join a local soccer, kickball or other sport league

  • Take dance classes

  • Go for evening walks

  • Race each other around the block

  • Go for bike rides


Relationship-building activities

  • Start a shared gratitude journal

  • Start each day by asking each other what goals you have for the day

  • End each day by asking what was meaningful or important about the day

  • Every weekend, you can each tell a story about your childhood that your partner hasn’t heard before

  • Start a “wish jar.” Write notes each day or week with things you want to do together in the future

  • Have a coffee date with your partner, and set 3 shared goals for the rest of the year

  • Check out Coupleness’ 100 Questions for your Relationship


Reinventing fun childhood experiences

  • Pitch a tent in your living room for a “weekend getaway”

  • Make s'mores on the stove or in the fireplace

  • Play board games

  • Play hide and seek

  • Dance to the throwback jams of your youth

  • Read each other’s palms

  • Make a favorite meal from your childhood, like grilled cheese and tomato soup, or PB&J sandwiches


Shaking up the daily routine

  • Turn off your phone and avoid Netflix. Have an unplugged, tech-free day

  • Eat dinner backwards - start with dessert!

  • Have a massage date! Make it special with scented candles and oils

  • Visit a new city or nearby area, exploring somewhere you haven’t been before

  • Do some stargazing, and make up stories about the stars

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