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Checklist for sharing the work in your relationship

Coupleness has put together a list of responsibilities and tasks - including invisible labor - that are part of everyday life for couples. It may not capture everything that happens in your home, family and relationship, so feel free to add your own. It’s a win-win when you can open your eyes to the work you are both doing, and perhaps find new ways you can make each other’s lives easier!

  • Do the dishes

  • Take out the trash

  • Cook meals

  • Have a job that brings in money

  • Manage the family finances, setting up savings accounts and investments

  • Drive your kids or partner to school or wherever they need to go, making sure everyone is on time and where they need to be

  • Take care of the lawn and garden, or indoor plants

  • Do laundry and fold everyone’s clothes

  • Tidy up spaces by cleaning surfaces, making the bed, putting toys away

  • Remember to schedule appointments at the doctor, dentist and vet

  • Clean the floors, being a master of that broom/mop/vacuum cleaner

  • Do errands like grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, buying cleaning supplies

  • Prepare the house when guests are coming

  • Do minor fixes, like replacing light bulbs, fixing wobbly tables, replacing flat pillows, changing batteries

  • Manage emails for the family, like communications with the kids’ school, neighborhood activities, family group chains, etc.

  • Buy new clothes for your children or partner to make sure everything fits and everyone looks at least somewhat presentable

  • Be the IT manager of the home, making sure the wifi is working, fixing any technological issues

  • Take care of the car, making sure it goes in for repairs and checks

  • Arrange things in the home to be cozy and comfortable, fluffing the couch cushions, lighting candles

  • Manage contact with authorities, like the health insurance company, the bank, your accountant and the IRS

  • Grab a baseball bat and brave the dark hallways to check out a sound coming from outside the front door in the middle of the night

  • Call a plumber or repair person when something in the house is broken

  • Clean the bathroom

  • Make sure the bills are paid

  • Do research before making big decisions and purchases, carefully thinking through options and outcomes

  • Plan family vacations, booking travel and lodging and making the schedule for the trip

  • Assign chores to different members of the family to make sure everything gets done

  • Project far into the future, making sure the family will be in a good position financially down the road

  • Take the initiative to plan dates and special experiences for you as a couple

  • Plan birthday parties and celebrations according to how your children or partner like to be celebrated

  • Manage the family’s social calendar, keeping track of who has been invited to dinner, when you last saw your family friends, and playdate schedules.

  • Buy holiday gifts and presents for people whose birthday parties you or your children are going to

  • Teach your children or partner new things, helping them learn different ways of taking care of things

  • Maintain contact with your extended family and friends, staying connected

  • Bring up romance and intimacy in your relationship, making sure you and your partner feel connected

  • Be someone people in the family come to when they’re upset and need a shoulder to cry on

  • Listen to your children or partner as they talk about their day and things they want to share

  • Keep track of and worry about how everyone in the family is feeling

  • Mediate conflicts within the family and helping resolve interpersonal issues

  • Bring up “tough” conversations that need to happen, like the sex talk with the kids, or talking through something in the relationship that doesn’t feel good

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