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100 Questions for your Relationship

Terri Orbuch - aka The Love Doctor - says we should spend 10 minutes per day talking to our partner about something other than work, chores, our children, and our relationship. To help you out, we've come up with 100 questions for you and your partner to answer together as you spend those 10 quality minutes together.

Do you have more questions we can add? Please send us your ideas!

  1. What is your favorite breakfast food?

  2. What does your perfect day entail, in less than ten words?

  3. Where would you like to go with your partner?

  4. What are you looking forward to in the next year?

  5. What is one thing your partner cannot live without?

  6. What is your favorite season, and why?

  7. Who is someone you'd like to have a closer relationship with?

  8. What is something your partner as achieved recently?

  9. What is something about yourself that you are grateful for?

  10. What makes you feel safe?

  11. Who was kind to you today?

  12. How can your partner help you reach your goals?

  13. If you could be an expert in any field, what would it be?

  14. Do you prefer receiving a surprise present, or something you asked for?

  15. What is your favorite scent?

  16. What was your favorite game to play as a child?

  17. What do you want life to look like when you are old?

  18. What can you thank yourself for today?

  19. What is the next step towards your dream life? Or are you already living it?

  20. Who was an adult you trusted when you were a child?

  21. Who is someone you are missing today?

  22. What do you miss the most when you and your partner are apart?

  23. What outfit do you think your partner looks best in?

  24. What is your favorite way to be creative?

  25. What is something that made your partner happy recently?

  26. What inspires you?

  27. Which of your parents are you most like?

  28. What is something you can get better at?

  29. What are two things that make life meaningful for you?

  30. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

  31. What is one thing you love about your body?

  32. If your partner could meet one famous person, who would it be?

  33. What made you smile today?

  34. How do you want to be remembered?

  35. When do you feel proud of yourself?

  36. What do you need more of in your life?

  37. What is something your partner dreams about?

  38. What was your favorite moment last week?

  39. What activity have you always wanted to try?

  40. If you could relive a year of your life, what year would it be and why?

  41. What is your earliest childhood memory?

  42. What three words best describe you?

  43. When you pause and take a deep breath, what are you thankful for?

  44. What do you value most in a friendship?

  45. What vacation or trip is at the top of your wish list?

  46. What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

  47. What are you looking forward to this week?

  48. What is something that's been bothering your partner lately?

  49. What is your partner's favorite food?

  50. What age did you dream of being when you were a child?

  51. How have you changed in the last year?

  52. What small shift in your morning routine could make your days better?

  53. What would your ideal Sunday morning with your partner look like?

  54. How do you describe your partner to others?

  55. What habit do you want to start doing?

  56. What is your message to the world?

  57. What's one thing that you're really good at?

  58. How would you like to spend an extra free day?

  59. What would the title of the movie about your life be?

  60. What is something you love doing that you haven't been able to do lately?

  61. What is something that always makes you laugh?

  62. What can you and your partner can do together that is nice for someone else?

  63. Which day last week was the best, and why?

  64. What did you see today that was beautiful?

  65. If your partner was a superhero, which one would they be?

  66. When did you feel most loved as a child?

  67. What compliment do you most enjoy receiving?

  68. If you could change one thing about how you grew up, what would it be?

  69. What would you do if you won a million dollars?

  70. What is something coming up in the future that is important to you?

  71. Who is someone you can say "thank you" to?

  72. If your partner could choose, who would be invited to your house for dinner tonight?

  73. Which of your partner's friends do you like the most?

  74. What do you long for?

  75. What is unique about you?

  76. Who inspired you when you were younger?

  77. Which celebrity would be your best friend?

  78. If you had no responsibilities for one month, what would you like to do?

  79. What is something you would like to learn?

  80. When was a recent learning moment for you?

  81. What is something nice about your partner that you've heard other people talk about?

  82. What is a memory from your childhood you'd like to share with your partner?

  83. What did you do well during the past week?

  84. What is a word or phrase that can remind you to be grateful?

  85. What would you like to develop in yourself?

  86. Do you collect anything? What, and why?

  87. What is something you think your partner would be good at?

  88. What made you hopeful today?

  89. What song makes you happy?

  90. What was one of your favorite books growning up?

  91. What is the most important thing you learned from your parents?

  92. What is something you don't want to take for granted?

  93. What are you grateful for today?

  94. How would you like to spend an extra free day?

  95. What are your partner's dreams for the future?

  96. When was the last time you were proud of your partner and why?

  97. How have you changed in the past year?

  98. What song describes today?

  99. What is the best thing that happened today?

  100. What is missing in your life right now?

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