Padel Challenge 2021

A padel (paddle tennis) tournament for couples

We love paddle tennis and active relationships. So, we invited a bunch of couples who we think are super awesome to a paddle tournament in Stockholm. In addition to the winners, we also had a "Best Couple Effort" prize.


Competitors included Per Lernström & Linda Öhrn Lernström, Markiz & Kevin Tainton and Alexander Erwik & Johnny Federley Kroneld. Thank you so much to all the couples who participated. You were part of making this a very special day.

Padel at its best

We love couples paddle a little extra because we know that it is good for the relationship to be physically active together. Couples who work out together can see benefits like increased attraction, more quality time together, and feeling more connected both on and off the court. We think that's a real win-win situation.

The winners of the tournament

12 couples participated in the tournament at Padel United in Älvsjömässan. There was a beginner's group and a slightly more advanced group. The prize for the first place winners was a couple's therapy session with our psychologist Linn Heed.


The winners of the beginner's group were Therese Krupa and Johan Syllner.

The second place prize was taken home by Cecilia and Per Blankens.


The winners of the more advanced group were Markiz Tainton and Kevin Tainton.

The second place prize was taken home by Linn Heed and Gunnar Möller.


The "Best Couple Effort," aka the cutest couple on the court, went to Annika Jankell and Ronnie Åström. They had an incredible chemistry and supported each other non-stop.

"Can you ever get enough of that sweet, sweet victory? And double congratulations to me, since I also have a husband who is as good at padel as he is at being a wonderful partner and person."


Therese Krupa, winner

Thank you!

Many thanks to all the fantastic players. Without you, there is no tournament. Thanks also to everyone who contributed everything from paddle clothes to great prices and goodie bags for our players: Silva Padel, Babor, Henrik Fexeus, Viktor Vassier, Shewy, Hildebrand, Pure Effect, Pistill, Viamax and N1Performance.


Thanks also to the tournament's leader Nina Campioni, who stayed on top of everything and even participated as a player. Thank you also to Linn Heed for your commitment to the tournament.


About Coupleness

A smart journal for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. Our 3-minute tracking helps couples easily communicate in everyday life. Get more connected and grow your relationship with Coupleness.


The app was developed together with Relationship Expert and licensed psychologist Linn Heed. We believe that more people communicating about their feelings is good for you as an individual, you as a couple and humanity in general. Our goal is to make it smooth and easy to actively take care of your relationship.

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