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Meet Jenny and Deivid

Jenny and Deivid are Coupleness users who shared their story with us. Between their kids, house, and new business that they started together, they needed to find a way to make space for their relationship.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
We are a married couple with two children and a dog who chose to - in the middle of a pandemic - dare to follow our dream. We invested everything we had and started our own business. Now, together we run Silva Padel. We love padel, and also produce clothes and accessories. Something we learned from this journey is that living and working together is not the easiest thing. The biggest challenge has been our differences. We are very different people and in the past, that’s given us a balance in our relationship, we have complemented each other like yin and yang. But these differences have recently been creating conflicts, and we have started to get more annoyed with each other.

What does a typical day in your life look like?
A lot like other families with preschool children, but then add 24/7 jobs on top 😄 Our biggest challenge is to make time for each other, it feels like there is always something else to do. If it’s not the company, it’s the children, the dog or the house.


How did you meet, and how long have you been together?

We’ve been together for eight fantastic years, with our ups and downs. Jenny’s colleague introduced us after she went to Deivid for a massage. She thought we would fit together perfectly - and he was great at giving sports massages 😉 I was his customer for one year before he dared to invite me for a drink, and that date has lasted eight years!

What challenge has Coupleness helped you with?

Life as parents of small children is not easy, and with a stressful everyday life, it’s easy for the communication between us to be non-existent. When was the last time we talked about something other than logistics? We realized we couldn’t remember. Coupleness makes it easier for us to get a little deeper in our everyday lives, and helps us understand each other better.

What has Coupleness given you?
An understanding of each other. Sometimes it’s not easy to talk about your feelings, but it’s much easier to write them down in Coupleness. We like that we can both take up the same amount of space, and we develop a common language in the app with the emojis. The app has also helped us give each other more compliments, when the Question of the Day is something like, “What do you like about your partner” or “What’s something that your partner has done well and that you’re proud of?” Reading each other’s answers makes us incredibly happy and opens us up for more positive feelings about each other.

What are your best relationship tips?
Take the time to do things together, plan dates as often as you can with your schedules. Communication is super important too. Don’t give up as soon as things feel difficult; things will get better as your relationship is strengthened. And the grass is actually green where you water it, so take care of it!

Deivid Lopes Da Silva (40) and Jenny Lopes Da Silva (41) are married. Their two children are Leah (13) and Vera (5), and their dog Grace is 11 months. They run Silva Padel, and design and manufacture padel clothes.

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