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We had a chat with our growth hacking intern Zuzana

Looking for an internship in a tech company? Check out this interview with Zuzana Hradilova who came to Coupleness through's growth hacking internship program.

Hey there Zuzana! You’ve been with Coupleness for an 8 week growth internship - how was that?


It was an amazing experience, for sure! I really enjoyed the format of the internship - a combination of growth hacking training sessions with Mari and Anni (from and hands-on work with Coupleness. It allowed me to take the theory and examples from the training sessions and try to adapt and implement them straight away in practice with Coupleness.


Can you share three things you worked on?


  1. I worked a lot with the website and digital content, and how Coupleness can leverage those to reach new audiences. So, for example, we’ve created an online directory of the best couples therapists in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö based on couples’ recommendations - a useful resource for people looking for a couples therapist. It was also a great way for Coupleness to start building relationships with couples therapists, which could lead to collaborations.

  2. I’ve also looked into Coupleness’ blog and how we can make more use of its content to increase awareness of the work. I contributed to a content calendar with social media posts using excerpts from the blogs.

  3. Additionally, we built a foundation for - and kick-started - their influencer marketing.


What were the highlights of your internship?


One of the main highlights for me was the great atmosphere in the company and on the team - everyone was super friendly and supportive.


In addition, the support I got from was incredible! They tailored all the sessions to our needs and wants. Anytime I had a question, there was someone in the GH community to help out. 


What were the challenges?


I think the biggest challenge was the timeframe of the internship. Two months is such a short time to get familiar with everything and get things going (and complete), but I think we actually got a great deal of work done and hopefully it’s a good start for Coupleness to take it from here.


Any advice to people looking for a growth internship?


I believe the best thing to start with is to follow Mari on LinkedIn :D She’s posting a lot about growth hacking as well as the GH internship program and how to apply for it. And even if you don’t get a spot in the next iteration of the program, she’s been posting highlights from our sessions, which serve as a great resource.


The next best thing is to follow various GH communities, blogs and podcasts, and generally follow the latest news about the startup scene in your country. Once you have a good overview of what’s going on, reach out to people and network.


What are your best tips for spreading Active Love around the world?


Get Coupleness, of course! And be kind to each other.


My favorite way of thinking about it is: we spend hours every week in gyms, but we’re reluctant to spend 5 minutes a day exercising our relationships. Just take 5 minutes a day and be kind to the person you care about.


What are your plans for the future?


The next big thing for me is to take all my learnings from the internship and try to find a role where I can combine them with my previous experience into something awesome. In the meantime, I’m planning to keep learning - I have a few online courses I’d like to take, a few cool webinars to attend, and a couple of projects with non-profit organizations here in Finland.


Thanks for sharing Zuzana 👋🏽 We will miss you but you will always be part of the Coupleness community. And we wish you the best of luck for the future 💫

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