15 COVID-safe ideas for doing something special with your partner


  1. Set up a fancy bath - light candles and go all-out with rose petals. Maybe there’s room for both of you in the tub? Or you can give your partner a shoulder massage while they enjoy the bath. Add an extra special touch with our friend Nina's Campioni's cozy playlist.

  2. Make your partner feel like a real model by doing a croquis drawing of them. Draw a quick outline of your partner’s body, and have them mark on the drawing where they’d like you to touch them - they can even number the spots to give you an order. Then take your time as you follow their wishes :)

  3. Watch Youtube videos to learn how to give your partner a luxurious massage, complete with candles and massage oil.



  1. This one’s always a winner: ask your partner’s best friend for tips on a gift or experience that your partner wouldn’t expect from you. Don’t forget, that's the idea behind that counts.

  2. Buy a book on a topic your partner likes, and read it too! Start your own mini book club in your relationship.

  3. Find a charity organization you both like, and donate on behalf of your partner or your relationship.



  1. The return of the double date! These days, we crave quality time more than ever, and maybe not always just with our partner - but with others too. Set up a video cooking night with your favorite couple friends, sharing recipes in advance and cooking “together.”

  2. Relive your favorite childhood memories by having a movie night, watching each other’s number one movies from when you were kids! Make it extra special by having your favorite treats or snacks from when you were kids too - lunchables, anyone?

  3. Have a beach night in the living room. When a trip to the sun and heat feels as complicated as going to the moon, you’re actually closer to the beach than you think. Set up towels, throw on your favorite beach outfits, have some fish tacos and a fruity umbrella drink. Nina Campioni has put together a playlist that fits perfectly!



  1. Make customized coupons that your partner can redeem anytime. Things like: you do the cooking AND dishes for dinner one night, you hang out with the kids while your partner has a night to themselves, or you’ll do all the grocery shopping for a week.

  2. Take care of something that your partner is stressed about. How can you help make things easier right now? If you’re not sure, just ask ;)

  3. Take care of all the planning. It's more about the idea of doing something nice for your partner than being something super fancy. 



1. Set up an activity with paper, pens, and our friend Nina Campioni's playlist. Write love letters to each other, and include three things you appreciate about each other. So cute!

2. Take a stroll down memory lane. Create your own photo albums or make one together, talking through your favorite memories and telling your partner how great they look in the pictures.

3. The sky's the limit! Go all-out and have a plane write your partner a message in sky writing!