A micro-journal for you and your partner

Did you know that keeping a journal is good for your mental health? By recording your highs and lows every day, you create a written record of your shared life. The act of writing how you feel can also help you understand the causes of anxiety and stress. Coupleness supports you with this with our 24 pre-selected emojis and Indicating Factors such as weather, kids, news and hormones. It doesn’t take tons of time and can easily be fitted into everyday life.

We also encourage you to write about the positive things in your life. This is called gratitude journaling. Several studies have shown that the act of journaling with gratitude helps you appreciate the small, everyday things that bring you joy. According to the research, after just 3 weeks of journaling with gratitude you can experience a variety of benefits:

  • Exercise more and take better care of yourself

  • Sleep longer and feel more rested when you wake up

  • Experience more positive feelings

  • Feel more optimistic and happy

  • Feel more helpful, accommodating and generous

For people new to journaling, it can feel daunting. But with Coupleness, it’s not about writing down every single thing you experience in a day. Coupleness helps you capture key aspects of your experience with just a few clicks, making journaling something easy and quick, but also highly effective. By identifying the factors that affect your own experience first, you can then share your experiences with the person you love, and they will do the same. With Coupleness, you develop a better understanding of your own feelings, and your partner’s feelings, with our innovative and easy-to-use journaling structure. By choosing from a range of emojis and Influencing Factors, which the Coupleness team has carefully selected, we’ve made it easier for you to journal and share.

Get started today with Coupleness.

It doesn’t take tons of time and can easily be fitted into everyday life.

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