The idea for a global movement

Coupleness was born out of frustration when two of the co-founders, Jenny Holmström and Ted Rosén met and realized they shared a problem. Namely, how tough it can be to juggle kids, family, friends and a relationship in everyday life.


For months, we dove deep into figuring out what makes great relationships work, Peter Viksten joined the team and developed the design. Together we are team Coupleness. We researched and studied, wrote code late into the night, tested our product and debugged our build. After all that, we want to welcome you to the Coupleness beta, ready for you to use.

The importance of being proactive

We know that approx. 50% of all marriages end up in divorce, and we know that communication is one of the cornerstones in a relationship.

We use all kinds of apps to improve other aspects of our lives, like Runkeeper, Headspace and Lifesum. Yet, there are few proactive ways to use technology to support healthy relationships. That is where Coupleness comes in. We make it easy for couples to be proactive, communicate and get closer to each other in everyday life.


Coupleness has one mission: to make it easy and fun for couples to deepen their relationship. 
Our goal is to create a movement of couples who actively invest in their relationships. We believe it is good for you as an individual, you as a couple and for humanity

We love hearing from our users!

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