Sharing is Caring

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Coupleness is about connecting in your everyday life, taking a beat to reflect on how you feel and then sharing the moment with your partner. With each entry you create a digital journal for your relationship. Join the movement.

Discover your partner's invisible superpowers


A shared micro-journal for couples

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3 min/day will develop your relationship

Our 24 emojis make it easy to share feelings

Deeper understanding leads to stronger connection

A fun way into new


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Why Coupleness?

I believe mutual love and affirmation are important.

I want to grow together with my partner.

I want to maintain playfulness and curiosity in my relationship.

Coupleness helps you recognize and better understand your partner in their day-to-day experiences. Our micro-journal helps you maintain a constructive dialogue in your relationship.


Linn Heed, Coupleness Advisor

Registered Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Sexologist

Johan, 33 years

“Coupleness is a great way to capture the big and small things that are either good or that you need to work on. My wife and I are feeling happy in relation to each other, but also I felt good in terms of my own well-being. For example, after a few weeks with the app, I saw that almost every day I filled in that I was tired -- it became very clear that I needed to go to bed earlier in the evenings. It may sound obvious, but it came as a surprise to see it so black and white.”

Parvin , 33 years

“Great for sharing both everyday events and deeper issues. Like opening a small box of candy every time your partner responds."